Walkera RC Helicopter

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Walkera RC Helicopter

When it comes to remote controlled helicopters you cannot beat a Walkera RC Helicopter.  Walkera combines mechanics, electronics, software and aerodynamics in a flawless product series that is innovative and fun to fly. They are leaders in the industry for designing a variety of model helicopters to suit anyone’s needs.  It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast.  Walkera has an RC Helicopter model that will give you hours of pure enjoyment!

When you see a Walkera RC Helicopter in action you will be filled with delight and a desire to learn how to fly it yourself.  Walkera RC Helicopters can be enjoyed at any age group weather you are 5 years old or 50 years old.  The joy one gets from flying an RC Helicopter for the first time is priceless.  The look of their face will tell you, they are hooked.   

There are two popular varieties in the Walkera RC Helicopter line up. 

The Gas Powered and the Electric powered.  Electrical helicopters are more economical as they do not cost as much to operate and the batteries can be recharged.  This makes them more popular over the Gas models.  Electrical helicopters are more compact and smaller in size.  Some models are small enough that they can even been flown indoor as well as outdoor.  Even though they are smaller than their gas counterparts they are still exceptionally fast and responsive, and fun to fly.  

It takes practise to master flying your Walkera RC Helicopter. 

If you are just embarking on your journey and a helicopter hobbyist it is recommended that you begin flying on a smaller model.  There are a lot of models that are meant for flying indoors, and can flown outside on calm days.  

The first thing to practise when learning to fly a Walkera RC helicopter is Hovering.  This is where you control your helicopter so that it hovers 6 to 12 inches off the ground.   

Staying close to the ground in a beginning is a wise idea, as crashes are inevitable when learning, keeping close to the ground minimises the damage that a crash will cause your helicopter.  As you practise and get use to the controls you will find that it is quite easy to fly your helicopter and as your skill increases you will be able to fly your helicopter higher and practise more challenging manoeuvres.  Overall the learning curse is relatively short.  

Manoeuvres are governed by the number of channels that your helicopter has.  If you have two channels you will be able to do up, down, forward and backwards. Three channels will have the first four mentioned as well as the ability to turn left and right.  If you have four channels you will be able to add epic Helicopter rolls, making it roll left and right on command.

Walkera has a large selection of 2.4 GHZ Helicopter models so you can pick the one that is right for you.  Every Walkera RC Helicopter is loaded with power and built to be fun.   With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?  Here is an overview of some different Helicopter types.  One type is the single rooter series, which has one rooter blade.  This model is a bit more challenging to master flying.  Some great single rooter models are the Walkera CB 100 and the Walkera 4G6.  For beginners I would recommend a duel rooter, or coaxial series.  A coaxial model offers more control and is more forgiving for the beginner flyer.  My favourite coaxial model is the Walkera LAMA 400D

There is a lot of consider when selecting your first Walker RC Helicopter, but don’t worry, all models are designed to provide you with hours of pleasure for many years.  This fun hobby is non stop enjoyment that you can share with your friends, family or just enjoy yourself.